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Creating And Maintaining A Soul Connection

Creating And Maintaining A Soul Connection


There are regular romantic relationships, and then there are the special ones – the ones where you share a soul connection. There are seven types of soulmate relationships, and some are easier than others. Look for the most compatible soulmate for you, or the most compatible divine soul partner. When you have a soul connection with someone, you’ll feel it in your heart, soul, mind, and body. It has a special feeling of magic, as if you’ve known each other all your lives. 


If someone’s your soulmate, it doesn’t mean you won’t need to put work into your relationship. If you already feel you have this intense connection, there is always more you can do to deepen it. And if you have an ordinary, healthy relationship with someone, you can both work together to build it into a soul connection. In this article, I want to share some of the best ways to deepen your relationship.


Spend time in nature together

Scientific studies have found that being in natural environments can lead to improved cognitive function, as well as decreased rates of anxiety and depression. Spending time outdoors with your partner will lead to more productive discussions and prime you to be curious, creative, and attentive. Don’t underestimate the power of using the natural world as a backdrop for your relationship as much as you can.


Focus on being your best self

It’s quite common to start feeling swallowed up by your relationship. You might become more inconsistent with working on your fitness, meditation, yoga, or other practices dedicated to becoming your best self. But make sure that you keep growing and focusing on yourself. You’ll feel your best, which will help you to be the best partner you can be.


Let go of the past

Like many people, you may have gone through pain and trauma in your past. However, to build a new connection that isn’t shaped by your pain, you need to let go of the past. This doesn’t mean forgetting, but you do need to let go of the hurt that’s holding you back. Look at all the events in your past and send them light and love. 


Work on becoming forgiving, healing, and moving forward. If you practice forgiveness, it will also help you in your new relationship. You’ll be able to approach your new partnership with more compassion and lightness.


Be intimate every day

Intimacy doesn’t necessarily mean sex. Intimacy is anything that makes you feel close and connected. We live such busy lives, and it can be hard to remember to connect with your partner. 


Make sure that, every day, you take some time to work on this intimacy. It could be having a conversation without any distractions present, or working on a project together. Even just staring into each other’s eyes for two minutes can help you create this intimacy. And, of course, physical touch is vital for many couples.


Express gratitude

Feeling taken for granted can lead to feelings of resentment. Never assume your partner knows how much you appreciate them. Compliment them often and be specific. For instance, letting them know how much you love it when they cook dinner for you to come home to after a long day is a great way to show them appreciation. They’ll see that you notice their hard work and feel great about it.


Remember the Four Horsemen

The Gottman Institute has been a prestigious center for relationship psychology research for decades. One of their main findings is about the “Four Horsemen”. This refers to the four main things that can negatively affect a romantic relationship. They are:

  • Criticism. Attacking your partner’s personality or character.
  • Contempt. Attacking someone else’s self with the attempt to hurt them.
  • Defensiveness. Acting as if you’re being attacked as an attempt to reverse the blame during conflict.
  • Stonewalling. Also known as the “silent treatment”, this means withdrawing to avoid conflict or be passive aggressive.


All relationships will experience conflict at some point. However, the Gottman Institute found that when the “Four Horsemen” appear, it can be very hard to rebuild positive feelings and get the relationship back on track. It can be helpful to learn about these behaviors and make sure you both commit to keeping them out of your connection.


Make time to talk about your relationship

Schedule time to sit down together and talk about your partnership. It’s vital that this conversation is free of judgment, and allows an opportunity for you both to be honest and open. Discuss if you feel like your relationship is helping each of you meet your goals. Is there anything you feel you could be doing better? 


Creating and maintaining a soul connection with someone special to you may be one of the most fulfilling things you ever do. I always love to help my clients grow their relationships – please feel free to contact me for guidance and resources any time.


Create wonderfully,



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