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Tania Kawood

Tania Kawood is a certified healer based in Dubai and supports individuals in different parts of the world. Tania always had a passion for helping individuals improve the quality of their own lives, which she initially started doing through different volunteering activities such as teaching both adults and children in China and Malaysia, assisting Riding For The Disabled and working closely with the Chin Student Organization Refugee Kids from Myanmar.

Her volunteering path led her to realize that her greatest achievement is being a happy person because she strongly believes that everyone is entitled to live a happy life. This she learned can be achieved through healing, as she has experienced negativities in her life that she sought to heal. As she transformed, she felt empowered and wanted to help others feel empowered as well. Subsequently, her healing journey led her to study in Nepal, Dubai, and Mexico.

Since then, Tania has become a Theta Master and Instructor and enjoys passing her knowledge on by teaching and qualifying students to become practitioners in Theta Healing and Reiki. Tania is also a Reiki Master, Tameana Practitioner and Past Life Regression Practitioner.  Tania has worked with people looking to improve their relationships, move forward after a breakup, physical pain, emotional pain, wanting more abundance and people who looking for spiritual growth and to be empowered to take control of their lives and what they are creating.  

My Happy Clients

I’ve worked with clients from all walks of life, I find that every session and class is magical, they both contribute to my growth and healing as well. Thank you for being an important part of my journey and allowing me to be part of yours, looking forward to meeting beautiful souls.

Tania is one of the most passionate people I was ever blessed to know. Born to make a difference, you can see her love and caring for all souls shining through her eyes, which is why it was no surprise at all when she gravitated towards energy healing.


My theta healing session with Tania was a truly eye and mind opener experience. I went to her in the middle of a really though break up, full of pain, sadness and anger. But I left my session in a completely different state of mind.


Tania Kawood is a rare find, is her sessions it's just a good listening and deep understanding, she is able to read a problem and work energetically to make a difference, I didn't believe in all energy healing till I meet Tania and sow and feel the differences in my daily life.


A mind unbound and a heart of gold! As a fellow Healer, my sessions with Tania are always transformational and I go to her with my deepest and darkest! Her flamboyant energy will lift you right up!


Tania is a fabulous person and an amazing and powerful healer. I have had a series of healing sessions with her, I have overcome much of my conditioned thinking.


Tania is professional and an amazing teacher and therapist, in her magic touch and psychic ability she easily shows you how to work with your difficulties and goals.  She does it in a quick and soft way.